Thursday, January 28, 2016


1) Fireworks worksheet (only page 1) (Due tomorrow) (Chloe and Khrisha' s worksheets are with me)
2) Unit 2.5 (due tomorrow)
3) Estimation and approximation in google classroom( Make a copy and do) (due tomorrow)

1) Draft 3(due Friday, 10pm)
2) Creative writing task 1 and 2 ( type it out and post on EL Blog, use Grammarly and allowed to change) (Due by tonight 10pm)
3) Last call for diagnostic test essay in the folder by today night

1) Pair work for helping the pig to get the jar of cookies (next Monday)

1) Fill the slides of the design journal to colour scheme (slide 8)

1) Worksheet 2 (due on Monday)

For Chinese students only:
1) Complete the google form for "Who, What, When, Where, Why, How"
2) Learn idioms 1-16 (due tomorrow)
3) Activity book ( due tomorrow)


  1. Uhh what is the creative writing tasks

  2. They are the essays that we wrote during english lesson, the visual imagery and characters scaring themselves

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