Saturday, January 16, 2016

Maths 2016 Alternative Assessment (PRACTICE ONLY)

2016 Alternative Assessment Practice

This is a Practice task for the upcoming alternative assessment.

The submission date for the actual Viva Voce is Friday 22 January 2016, 2359 hours.
The task is compulsory, and you are to submit your work via Google Classroom instructed by 

your teacher.

Topic: Number systems

Objective of Task: 
To demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and calculations through clear 

articulation and presentation of problem solving.

Instructions (I):
  • This is an individual task. Complete the viva voce practice on your own.
  • This is a reinforcement of similar questions based on the topic covered in class.
  • It will also help you to seek and articulate your understanding of concepts as you attempt to                                                                explain your approach and solution to the problem.
  • You should not take more than 1 hour to complete the entire task.
You will need to record your work and submit via Google Classroom (Mathematics)

Instructions (II):

1. Add up the last 5 digits of your NRIC number. This 2 digit number “XX” is what you 
will convert from a decimal system to a binary system.

REASONS. You only need to state the last 5 digits on video.

3. Using your birthdate “YY” as another 2 digit number, explain how you will perform the 
simple arithmetic operation “XX + YY” in binary system.
  • Research on how to count in binary system using the digits “0” and “1”.
  • Explain briefly, in your own words, on how a binary system works. You may choose to use                                                                        any visualisation tools to help explain yourself.
  • Work out and explain the solution clearly. You may choose to write it out, or use various                                                                     software like Numbers to write your own script.
  • Do not simply read out the lines of the working. Instead, inform the audience: 
    • how you identify the key information
    • why you choose a particular method to solve the problem
    • explain how the method works

4. Recording
  • You may use QuickTime Player, PhotoBooth, ect. to record your viva voce. 
  • Here are some ways that you can present your worked solution:
    • You may sit in front of the computer and show the working (on papers) as you explain                                                                     how you solve or problem using the "movie recording" feature in QuickTime Player; or                                                                 simply "video recording" with PhotoBooth.
      • Click HERE to view sample 1
    • You may present your work in KeyNotePages, PowerPoint Presentation, etc and use                                                                      the "screen recording" feature in QuickTime Player to do the video recording.
      • Click HERE to view sample 2
      • Click HERE to view sample 3
    • You may also use explain the problem on a whiteboard and have your classmates to                                                                      help record using a camera or any other methods that you could think of
  • Remember to keep the file size small.
  • For technical consultation, please approach Mr Jonathan Chua, your ICT Teacher.
  • Watch the clip if you are not sure how to screen record your presentation
  • YouTube Video

5. Submission of work
  • Submit your file (video clip) to Google Classroom (Mathematics)
  • Complete this FORM as it is gathering information needed for the markers when assessing                                                                     your work.


This Performance Task will constitute to 5% of your overall Summative Assessment Results.

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