Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome, S1-04!

Young Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome aboard. As your Form Teachers (FTs), we look forward to working alongside you to make the best of your learning opportunities and experiences in SST. We hope that you will always put your best foot forward and work collaboratively with one another.

Let's bring on the "04" Spirit!

Here are two fun commercials that serve to remind us the value of teamwork:


To prepare for the start of the school year, please look into the following:

i. Have you completed the 2016 Pre-school Engagement Programme?

ii. Have you checked the Students' Blog for announcements and disseminated information? 

iii. Have you set up your Blogger Profile (pls use the name as given in class list) and accepted the invitation to be a contributor of the class blog (using your SST email account)?

iv. Do you have items to contribute to the elderly beneficiaries on the first day of school? Kindly refer to the list of items to be donated here.

v. Has your parent/ guardian signed the Sec One orientation consent form, with medical declaration, to be submitted to FTs

Refer to Consent form & Packing list

More information will be provided the soonest possible.  Do check the class blog for regular updates. You may also email FTs for urgent enquiries.

Thank you.

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