Saturday, February 27, 2016

[Verison 2.1 - ADDED SUPPORT FOR iOS + NEW FEATURES] S1-04 Announcer App 2016 is LIVE! Download here!

See the latest Homework Posts, Reminders, Current Affairs Newspaper and more with the all new S1-04 Announcer app for 2016! Now includes posts from the SST Students Blog (since the actual Announcer app for Android is broken) and the S1-04 Language Arts Blog!

Now available on most Android devices and now, iOS! Special steps for iOS users are required. Check for them below at the downloads section!

Screenshots (Android): 

Screenshots (iOS):

Tap on the photos for High-Res Screenshots!

Download Link: 

Android - 

iOS - 

Instructions for iOS users

Hey there iOS users! Due to a complication when putting the app on the App Store, we have some special instructions for you. (Tested on an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPad 1)

Step 1: Open up Safari and visit the website above (

Step 2: Tap on the share button of the tab and tap on 'add to home screen'. This will add the mobile app to your iDevice.

Step 3: Rename the app to S1-04 Announcer 2016 and open up the app! There you have it!

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