Friday, August 5, 2016

National Day Parade Holiday Homework


 Weekly Reading Reflection for Week 6 Reading Programme
 Literature Review Project - Final Individual Draft (by Sunday, 7 Aug, 2359)


 Alternative Assessment 2 (Bridge by today, 4:30 pm, and others by T3W9)
 Corrections for Quiz on Functions & Graphs


 Finish IRS iBook (by today, 2359)


 Sign Lesson Package 2 (by start of exams)
 Lesson Package 3 Pg 3 & 4
 Level Test Practice Paper (EOY 1) : p 1 to 2 (by Thursday)


 Infographic Project [including journal and actual infographic] (by next Friday, 2 pm)


 Topical revision worksheet (by Thursday)
 Chapter 4 Moments Worksheet 1 (by Thursday)

Innovation & Entreprunership

 Digital Poster (by Monday, 2359)

 ALOU Exercise on Problem 1/ Problem 2


 Karangan Pena Emas (hantar kepada Cikgu Arfah dengan emel - today, 2359)

 Pemahaman Buku Teks ms 20-22 [Soalan 1-5 dan kosa kata, tulis di kertas foolscap] (by Thursday)

Happy National Day! :) Please be reminded to come in S&W on Monday. No homework would be posted on Monday.

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