Class Mission

Every S1-04 student, a passionate achiever and contributing member of society.


Academic: Attain 5 distinctions
Behaviour: Be positive & do your best
Camaraderie: Community first, self second

Code of Conduct:

To create a conducive learning environment, we shall:
1. Respect one another
2. Keep the classroom & work spaces clean & tidy
3. Participate actively & motivate each other

Ground rules:

i.  Only one person talks at a time.
ii. Respect self and others.
iii. Participate actively and maximise learning opportunities.

In S1-04, we WANT to demonstrate positive classroom behaviour at all times.

Positive Classroom Behaviour
Non-Productive Classroom Behaviour
Lesson Expectation
Punctual for lesson
Coming late to class
Paying attention
Not paying attention
Being on task
Not being on task
Being prepared for the lesson with all the required materials.
Not bringing all the required materials to class (notes, textbook, calculator)
Team Player (Group Work)
Anti-Social Behaviour (Group Work)
Raises hand and waits for teacher to acknowledge before speaking
Talking out of turn
Co-operates with classmates
Refusing to co-operate or participate in class (holds up class activities)
Shares and contributes to group work
Refusing to cooperate with others (in group work or share supplies)

Not keeping hands to himself/ herself
Positive Behaviour (Lesson)
Disruptive Behaviour (Lesson)
Does not disrupt the lesson
Disrupting the lesson
Seeks permission before speaking by raising hand
Interrupting the teacher
Distracting classmates
Speaks at appropriate time
Excessive talking
Behaviour is controlled. Able to manage emotion.
Yelling out in class or throws a tantrum
Comments are relevant and appropriate
Makes inappropriate noises or comments during lesson.
Able to manage own behaviour.
Acting/ being silly
Eg. Acts “smart” “sassy”or in a sarcastic manner
Respect for Others
Respectful to teacher in choice of words, tone and body language.
Being disrespectful to teacher
Respectful to teacher in choice of words, tone and body language.
Being disrespectful to classmate
Uses kind words
Bullying others
Manages emotions well
Showing anger towards others
Does not put other down
Calling others names
Takes care of property of others
Destroying/ damaging property of others
Quality of Work
Submits work on time
Late submission of work
Work submitted is complete
Work submitted is incomplete
Submits work
Did not submit work
Work is neat and tidy
Turning in messy work
Organisation Skills
Work area is organised
Work area is disorganised
School bag is organised
School bag is disorganised
Follow’ teacher’s instructions with ease
Slow to obey teacher’s directives
Not following directions the first time
Source: The Skillful Teacher (Sapier, Haley-Speca & Grower, 2008)

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